Three Dog Dental Procedures That May Surprise You


A lot of people aren't fully aware of what dental procedures are available for a pet dog. While it's true that your dog will often require the extraction of one or more of its teeth for various reasons, you might be surprised that extractions aren't the only appropriate course of action in many different situations. Don't hesitate to talk to your veterinarian about what other procedures are available during your dog's next checkup.

28 July 2023

Is Your Dog Showing These Signs Of Adrenal Disease?


Just as in humans, the adrenal glands are vital to your dog's survival. They are tiny powerhouses that perform numerous crucial functions in the body. But they don't always function as intended especially as dogs age, which can have a profound effect on their health. Here's what the adrenals do and why you need to visit your local animal hospital if you suspect they are not functioning properly. The adrenal glands: Big importance in a tiny package

24 March 2023