Three Dog Dental Procedures That May Surprise You


A lot of people aren't fully aware of what dental procedures are available for a pet dog. While it's true that your dog will often require the extraction of one or more of its teeth for various reasons, you might be surprised that extractions aren't the only appropriate course of action in many different situations. Don't hesitate to talk to your veterinarian about what other procedures are available during your dog's next checkup. You can expect to hear some terms that you may have heard during your own visits to the dentist. Here are three dog dental procedures that can sometimes be necessary.

Root Canal

When most people hear the term root canal, they think of a procedure that some people need to get. You might be surprised to know that dogs can also get root canals. As with humans, this is a procedure that is appropriate when the pulp of a tooth becomes infected. A dog can develop this issue for all sorts of reasons, including damaging a tooth while chewing on a stick and slowly acquiring an infection inside of the tooth. A root canal is a good way to save a dog's tooth rather than extracting it.


A lot of people have fillings in their teeth, but the average dog owner may not be aware that fillings are also a potential dental treatment for their pet. Dogs can often develop cavities in their teeth, especially if a pet has gone a long time without having a dental checkup at the veterinary clinic. A cavity requires attention, and while it's possible for the vet to simply pull the tooth in question, this may not be necessary. Drilling out the cavity and giving the dog a filling is an effective way to allow the pet to keep its tooth.


The idea of a dog having braces might seem a little comical to you, but it's important to know that this type of dental care isn't just so that your dog can have a pristine-looking mouth. Braces can help with many things, including mouth discomfort. If a dog's teeth are dramatically crooked, they may put pressure against the gums, tongue, or roof of the mouth — causing pain much of the time. Braces that correct the position of the teeth can alleviate this discomfort for your pet. Talk to veterinary services about these available dental procedures for your dog.


28 July 2023

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