Caring For Short-Haired Dogs: 3 Tips


People often think of short-haired dogs as being easier to care for than long-haired dogs. It is true that they are less likely to develop mats in their fur, and also that they don't need to be groomed and trimmed nearly as often. But short-haired dogs do still require care, and some of that care is quite precise. If you have a short-haired dog, follow these tips to care for them in a healthy and effective way. 

Brush them with a soft-bristled brush.

Short-haired dogs aren't very prone to tangles, but they can still benefit from regular brushing. It helps gather their shedding hair so the hair does not end up all over your house. It also helps stimulate their skin, improving oil production and the distribution of natural oils over the coat and skin. The best brushes to use on short-haired dogs are generally those with soft bristles. This way, the bristles will not be too harsh on the skin, which they'll certainly come into contact with since your dog's coat is so short.

Use sunscreen on areas where their hair is thin.

Dogs, like humans, can develop sunburn if they spend too long in the sunshine. Sunscreen can help guard against this. Your short-haired dog probably won't need sunscreen all over their whole body, but they will need it in areas where their hair is thinner, such as around their nose or paws. Ask your vet to recommend a dog-safe sunscreen product. There are both spray-on and rub-on formulas that work well.

Shampoo them thoroughly.

Dogs don't usually need to be washed that often, but when you do wash them, you want to make sure you are doing a thorough job. Their skin gets dirtier than the skin of long-haired dogs since they have less fur to block the transfer of dirt and grime. When you wash your dog, use a good-quality shampoo that lathers well. A moisturizing formula is great if your dog tends to have dry skin. Some people find that shampooing their dog twice, once right after the other, works well. Make sure you rinse well, too, since shampoo residue can be irritating. Follow up with a conditioner, if desired. It makes a lot of short-haired dogs feel softer and smoother.

Even short-haired dogs require proper care to stay healthy and clean. Make sure you follow the tips above, and reach out to a veterinarian for additional guidance if needed. 

Contact a local dog care service to learn more. 


29 November 2022

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