Two Reasons Why Your Pet Needs A Primary Veterinarian


If you're like many people, you wouldn't dream of not having a primary physician. You rely on your doctor to be there when you need them and divulge very intimate information about the state of your health so you're able to receive care. However, as much as you depend on your primary care physician, you may not place as much of an emphasis on making sure that your pet has a regular veterinarian. See why it's so important for you to find a primary veterinarian for your furry friend today.

Build Up A Strong History

Taking your pet to a different veterinarian each time they need to be treated can get exhausting. You have to constantly fill out new paperwork and give details about any medical issues that your pet has in addition to retelling their backstory. It's a time-consuming process that could be detrimental if an emergency happens.

One of the great things about having a primary vet is the history that you build with them. As soon as you bring your pet in, it only takes a few words and the medical professional is able to tie in the information that they already know about your animal and can use that to make a diagnosis. No need to complete new documents or spend time trying to explain your pet's medical history. This can really come in handy if your pet falls sick and needs help without a delay.

Familiarity Breeds Comfort

If your pet happens to be a bit anxious or skittish, you could be unknowingly making the issue even worse by taking them to different veterinary clinics. Unfamiliar environments are unsettling for some animals and if your pet doesn't feel comfortable, they might not be as cooperative as they need to be.

You want your pet to be relaxed when you make appointments for your pet to get their annual vaccinations or other forms of medical assistance. This makes it easier for the vet to do their job because they don't have to work around the initial warm-up period that some pets need before they are willing to get on the table for a thorough examination.

Finding a good veterinarian and making them a part of your pet's life can have great benefits for you as well. Develop a relationship with a veterinarian and commit to taking your pet to the same facility each time they need to receive care. Look for a veterinarian in a clinic near you. 


20 January 2020

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