4 Reasons To Take Your Cat In For Anal Gland Issues


If you have been a cat owner for a long time, you may notice that they are often great at hiding when they might be feeling uncomfortable. This can make it tough to decide whether you should make an appointment at a nearby animal hospital when you suspect that something is wrong.

When you notice that your cat is having anal gland issues, you should consider taking them in to the vet as this will maximize the chance of a positive outcome and swift recovery.


While keeping an eye on your cat, you may find them taking longer when using the litter box or even dragging their behind around on the carpet or fabric furniture inside your home. This is a rather strong sign that your cat is feeling uncomfortable regarding their anal gland area, so you will find it beneficial to make an appointment for them so that a vet can diagnose the problem.


In some cases, you may find that an infection can happen in or around the anal gland. A vet will be able to tell whether the area is infected or at risk of infection in which they may want to prescribe antibiotics that you give to your cat for a number of days. This should eliminate the chance that an infection becomes a problem or an existing one gets worse during recovery.


When you look at ways to take care of anal gland issues, you may find vets and cat owners expressing the glands to remove all the gunk inside. This can make quite a mess in your home, and you may find that the odor is quite overwhelming as soon as you begin the expression.

If you do not feel comfortable with expressing your cat's anal glands, you can make sure that it gets done by a professional when you bring them in to their appointment at an animal hospital.


Caring for your cat is something that you may not be able to do entirely on your own. A vet visit is smart because they may detect that your cat is experiencing pain. This is something that they can treat by prescribing pain medication that you give to them while you are at home. They may also have various instructions on how to care for your cat to help them recover quickly.

Visiting an animal hospital is a smart plan when your cat is having anal gland problems.


2 February 2020

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