A Falling Feline: Cat High-Rise Syndrome


It's hardly a shock that cats are regularly listed as one of the best possible pets for apartment living. They can live quite happily in the confines of your apartment and don't need anything like a daily walk. But apartment living for cats can sometimes result in injuries when your feline takes too much of an interest in the outside world. Have you heard of cat high-rise syndrome?

Low and Medium Heights

Rather than a specific health complaint, cat high-rise syndrome covers a variety of injuries that a cat can receive when falling from a considerable height. It's important to note that cats can safely fall from some extremely high places. Cats falling from substantial heights are more likely to be seriously injured. A fall from a lower height is less likely to result in a significant injury, and, rather surprisingly, a fall from a greater height won't always result in serious injury. 

It's believed that this is because a cat falling from a greater height achieves terminal velocity, as in it's not possible for them to fall any faster, and this gives them the necessary amount of time (even though it's mere seconds) to position their body for a safe landing.

An Unsafe Landing

In short, cat high-rise syndrome is an umbrella term for any injuries sustained when that landing wasn't safe. Skull fractures, broken limbs, and a broken pelvis are the most common injuries, but internal damage (often resulting in internal bleeding) is also a real possibility. How would you know if your cat has been affected by high-rise syndrome?

Distraction and Loss of Balance

It's rather obvious when your cat might have been involved in a fall. They were safely inside your apartment, and now they're down on the street outside. They might have been distracted or lost their balance while on the balcony or by an open window, but one thing is certain — they're not where they should be, and they need your help.

Helping Your Cat

Whether you notice your cat fall or one of your neighbors finds your cat on the street, sometimes the injuries are obvious. You won't know the extent of the damage, but you must seek immediate emergency veterinary care. Even when your cat appears to be just fine, you should still consult a vet, since internal injuries are not always immediately evident and can be fatal if untreated.

Cat high-rise syndrome can be prevented by installing appropriate safety measures, such as guard mesh on your windows and balconies, but if your cat was to fall, they're going to need a visit to a vet clinic, such as Pittsburgh Spay & Vaccination Clinic.  


20 October 2020

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