How To Find Jobs For Vet Techs In Your Area As A New Technician


Being a vet tech is a niche career in veterinary medicine, and you want to get hired on at a quality vet clinic where your skills and expertise can be appreciated and you can get paid well. Nationally, vet techs make around $34,000 yearly, with top vet techs earning over $50,000 a year. How much you can make when looking at jobs for vet techs varies, but how long you have been a vet tech, your location, and the area of veterinary medicine you work in can affect your wages.

In a growing animal care field, veterinary technicians are expected to continue to be high in demand, which means that jobs for vet techs and veterinarian jobs can continue to be easier to find and more competitive in pay as the years go by. However, it doesn't mean it's easy to find a job as a vet tech if there aren't a lot of veterinary clinics around. Here are places you can consider looking for work when looking for jobs for vet techs.

The local animal shelter

As a vet tech, you can offer your services to your local animal shelter. This can be a paid or voluntary position but will help you get your foot in the door as a vet tech. Most local animal shelters work with at least one veterinary clinic in the area to treat, spay, and neuter their animals, so if you were to hire on with an animal shelter, you'll not only gain experience, you'll gain a reference as well.

The local college

If you have a local college with an animal husbandry program, you can inquire about jobs for vet techs within. The professors may have connections to local veterinarians or may be willing to hire you on as a professor assistant in one or more of their classes. You can always move on to a more permanent vet tech job in your area as one opens up, or until you start to feel comfortable in your new field of interest.

The longer you stay a vet tech, the more money you can potentially make. Ask for references at your local dairies and other farming facilities where vet techs can be used to treat animals or ask your professor at the college you graduated from for further references or advice. Before long, you'll be able to get a job that you can enjoy as a vet tech, and you can improve your skills and income with time.


13 January 2021

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