3 Reasons To Bring Your Dog To The Vet For Senior Wellness Visits


Owning a senior dog can bring a lot of joy to your life. Your older dog is probably just as sweet as ever but may have lower energy levels or prefer to spend more time sleeping. Even if your senior dog seems to be in great health, it's important to take them to the vet for regular senior wellness exams. In fact, professionals recommend bringing senior dogs for check-ups twice a year. Here are three important reasons to bring your dog to the vet for senior checkups:

Regular Senior Wellness Visits Establishes an Ongoing Vet Relationship

Bringing your dog to the same vet twice a year for years helps build an ongoing relationship with the vet clinic staff. This means they will know what your dog is normally like, and have records from all the previous vet visits for the sake of comparison.

Your dog will likely also feel more comfortable with a vet they know well, which can be extra important as they become older and possibly more frail. If anything is wrong with your pet, a vet who is very familiar with them is more likely to recognize it right away.

Your Vet Will Perform a Physical Exam

At each senior wellness exam, your vet will perform a physical exam. This helps determine if your dog is currently healthy or if there are any issues worth looking into further. For example, they will observe your dog's current mobility level and range of motion, which can help identify early signs of arthritis. They will also check your dog's heart and lungs and take notes about your dog's weight, muscle tone, and alertness.

Your Vet May Also Perform Blood Work and Urinalysis

A major difference between vet exams for younger dogs and senior wellness checks is that at senior exams, vets will usually take blood as well as a urine sample. They will then analyze these or send them to a lab for analysis and will call you with the results.

This is important because it means they will know if there is a serious problem like kidney disease or diabetes early on, possibly before your dog has any noticeable symptoms. This can ensure prompt treatment of whatever is wrong.

By bringing your senior pup to the vet once or twice a year for a senior wellness exam, you will be doing something wonderful to keep your dog healthy into its golden years.


9 February 2021

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