Signs Your Pet Bird Needs To Go To The Animal Hospital


Having a pet bird is a fun experience, and if you take care of your pet bird effectively, it can live for a long time and be a fun companion for your family. Birds are fragile creatures, however, and if there is any sign of illness or injury in your pet bird, you must take the critter to your local animal hospital immediately. This is the best way to ensure proper care and to diagnose what may be wrong with your bird.

An animal hospital that specializes in birds or exotic pets is the best animal hospital for your needs. Use this guide to assist you in knowing when you need to get your pet bird to the animal hospital.

Your bird has missing feathers or bloody spots

An injury, parasite infection, dietary imbalance, stress, or any other illness or injury can cause your pet bird to lose their feathers or pull them out. If there are bloody scabs on your bird's back or another area where they are balding, then they may be pulling their own feathers out, which is cause for alarm. If your bird has a parasitical infection, then you will need to get this taken care of because the parasites can spread to other birds.

If your pet bird has been recently injured in a fight, by flying into a wall or window, or has experienced some other type of trauma and has lost feathers as a result, you should take your pet bird to the animal hospital right away for observation. Wrap your bird in a warm, dry towel and place them in a bird carrier for safe transport.

Your bird is not eating or drinking

A pet bird that is not eating or drinking, especially if there is rapid weight loss, watery or bloody stools, or listlessness in the bird, should be taken to the animal hospital right away. A bird might be suffering from illness, stress, heatstroke, or internal injuries that are hard to spot right away. Since a bird is a fragile animal and it needs to avoid dehydration at all costs, try to get your bird into the animal hospital as soon as you can. Your pet bird can be given fluids via a syringe to keep them hydrated while you wait for veterinary assistance; speak to your vet over the phone to see what you need to do for your bird while you wait to get to the vet.

Take your pet bird to the vet periodically to ensure they are healthy and vital. Your local animal hospital can give you care tips for your bird as well.


2 April 2021

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