Time To Visit A Pet Clinic? Subtle Signs Your Cat Needs Help


Cats are notoriously independent creatures. When possible, they prefer to take care of their own needs. That need for independence is part of what sets cats apart from dogs. This is especially true where sickness is concerned. For the most part, dogs are good at letting you know when they're not feeling well. Unfortunately, that's not the case where cats are concerned. In fact, cats tend to mask symptoms when they aren't feeling well, which makes it difficult to seek medical attention for them. Luckily, there are some tell-tale signs you can watch for. If you're concerned about your cat, read the list provided below. If your cat is exhibiting any of the signs listed below, it's time to take them to a pet clinic near you. 

They've Been Hiding From You

If your cat is normally a social animal but they've recently started hiding from you, there's a good chance that they're trying to tell you something. Their sudden desire for privacy could be a sign that they're not feeling well. In fact, their desire for privacy could be their way of trying to handle their sickness on their own. If your cat has been hiding from you for more than a couple of days and they don't seem to be getting any better, it's time to schedule an appointment at a pet clinic. 

They've Been Sleeping Longer

Cats like to sleep a lot. In fact, a healthy cat may seem to sleep for up to fifteen hours a day. However, a good portion of that time will be spent catnapping. During the catnapping phase, you should be able to wake your cat up through normal activities. If your cat seems to be sleeping more often or is difficult to awaken from a sleeping state, it's time to take a closer look at their activities. Your cat might be spending more time awake during the night hours when you're asleep. If that's not the case, your cat needs to be seen at a pet clinic. Excessive sleeping or fatigue could be a sign that your cat is sick. 

They've Become Less Mobile

Finally, if your cat isn't as active as they've been in the past, or they seem to be having a hard time walking, they may need medical attention. This is especially true if your cat seems to have a hard time moving their back legs. If your cat seems to be dragging their back legs, they could be suffering from heart disease. Feline heart disease can cause blood clots to form in the back legs, which can lead to immobility. Unfortunately, these blood clots can be fatal if not treated properly. If your cat is having trouble with their hind legs, visit a pet clinic immediately. 

If your cat needs medical attention, visit a vet clinic, such as Animal Emergency Clinic.


15 September 2021

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