4 Instances When You Should Consult A Veterinarian Immediately


No pet owner wants to imagine their lovely animal friend in a life-threatening situation. However, sometimes the cases arise after accidents and sudden illnesses. You can save their life and minimize the suffering they go through by watching for signs of trouble and calling the veterinarian for treatment. Here are four instances where you will need to contact the veterinarian immediately.

When Your Pet Cannot Breathe

It is always wise to treat breathing difficulties as an emergency. If your animal has a challenge breathing, breathes rapidly, or experiences exaggerated chest movements, it is time to call the veterinarian. Respiratory problems can lead to sudden death because the animal stops receiving oxygen into its bloodstream within minutes. When you contact the vet, you should describe the cause of the breathing difficulties and ask for an emergency remedy before taking the animal in for an evaluation and emergency treatment.

When the Pet Is Vomiting Excessively

Most people do not find it a cause of concern when their animal vomits once. However, if your animal vomits more than three times within a twenty-four-hour period, it is time to call the veterinarian, especially if the vomit comes with diarrhea, lethargy, and loss of appetite. When these symptoms combine, they become a serious cause for concern. Sometimes the vomiting could be because your animal has gastritis, which is easy to resolve. However, it could also be something serious like an obstruction in the intestines, kidney failure, or other severe medical issues. Only a veterinarian can assess your animal and determine whether the problem is a serious health condition or something minor. 

When the Animal Is Bleeding

Loss of blood can quickly escalate and become a loss of life in pets. It could happen from a vehicle accident, a fight between pets, or other accidents. If you apply pressure to the wound and the bleeding continues, it is time to call the vet. It is advisable to get the vet to treat all lacerations and puncture wounds immediately because leaving them untreated causes infections. 

When the Animal Cannot Pass Urine

Inability to urinate can happen when the pet has an inflamed bladder. Sometimes, the debris from the infection obstructs the urethra and blocks urine movement. Treating the problem will prevent toxin accumulation that could escalate the medical issues.

You should have a trusted veterinarian to consult whenever your pet develops medical health problems. With their help, you can quickly resolve it and restore your pet's health. For more information, contact a vet clinic such as Pittsburgh Spay & Vaccination Clinic.


24 January 2022

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